Instructions for use Wow Bust

Wow Bust - features and general information

Product form: cream in tube

Objective: the increase of the chest

Volume: 50 ml

Wow Bust - a professional cream for breast augmentation. More of a size of 30 days of daily use. Advanced has the action, does not cause side effects, the allergies of the skin.

Research and clinical trials on human volunteers have confirmed the effectiveness of the cream, it is extremely positive and in the absence of a negative. Used for the manufacture of the body fminin high-quality raw materials. The composition of basic natural ingredients of plant origin.

Active ingredients: wheat germ oil, avocado oil, shea butter (shea butter).

With the exception of breast augmentation, the cream repairs, and adjusts the shape of the chest, returns the elasticity of the skin, eliminates the signs of aging and prevents their appearance.

Wow Bust universal. Ideal for young girls and women of all ages, 21 years and older. The application is just as effective, regardless of age, race, and genetic predisposition.

The cream for breast augmentation - indications

The small chest or just feel like larger size, but services of surgeons - it is expensive, rapid response - is not safe... the Cream Wow Bust the ideal solution for all girls and women who want to increase the chest and make it more attractive. In addition, more than 30 days of daily use of the chest increases to a full-size, the cream has the following effects:

  • raises the breasts
  • returns the elasticity of the skin
  • eliminates stretch marks.

Wow Bust - the encouragement of the acquisition, to increase the chest to find the feminine charm after a change of age or after the birth of the child.

We would like to draw Your attention! in Portugal, buy the cream Wow Bust you can only through our official website of the manufacturer. Beware of counterfeits ineffective.

The instructions on how to use the cream for effective results

how to use the cream Wow-Bust for the increase of the chest

A small amount of cream applied first on one then on the other breast. It should be applied only on the previously cleaned skin. To achieve as quickly as possible, the result simply follow the techniques of massage.

With the help of the cream Wow Bust to do a massage on each breast of the queue. The movement, perform it gently in the clockwise direction. Start with a circumference of the nipples, gently increasing the diameter of the circle massage. With one hand, perform massages, the other to keep the chest like a bowl.

To increase the volume of the breasts to a size, use the cream and do massage twice a day for 30 days. For the realization of more than one result, extend an equivalent course of two or three months. Authorized the use of the cream for the prevention of the age of the decadence of the chest and the maintenance of the form - once per day in the evening.

Contraindications missing. Exception - is not identified in the framework of the research and testing of individual intolerance of one of the components of the composition. Also it is not necessary to use the cream during pregnancy and breastfeeding, in cases of diseases of the mammary glands.